Rental Payments

  • Rent is to be paid in advance throughout the term of your tenancy. Rental payments can be made weekly or fortnightly.
  • All rental and bond payments are to be made to Your PropertyCare Trust Account details of which will be provided to you in the Tenancy Agreement by cash, cheque or EFT (EFT is the preferred method). Your payment reference MUST be identified as Property Address and Surname i.e. NicklinWay/Thompson
  • If you are unable to make a rental payment please contact us as soon as possible, prior to the payment date so that we can work with you towards a positive outcome.
  • In circumstances where rent will be late, it is critical that you communicate with us as failure to do so may result in a termination notice being issued.


How much bond can be taken?

For general tenancies, the law says if the rent is $700 or less per week, the maximum bond request is 4 weeks rent. If the weekly rent is higher than $799, the amount of bond should be negotiated between the property manager/owner and tenant. The law gives no maximum amount where the weekly rent is higher than $700. (

When will I receive my bond money back?

Your PropertyCare will only refund the bond after the following has occurred:

  • You have fully vacated the property and returned the keys
  • The property has been inspected and it is found satisfactory, compared with the Entry Condition Report
  • All monies are paid, including water consumption owing up until the vacating date.

If you are breaking your lease, any damages/costs incurred by the owner as a result of the lease agreement being terminated early. These may include costs such as advertising for new tenant; bond cleaning; unexpired portion of lease payments; leasing fee etc. Please note that these are examples of costs only. Each break lease circumstances are different and as such, are calculated on a case by case basis.


In regard to a Pet Bond, the maximum allowed is $260, regardless of the number of pets. This is to cover the cost of fumigation upon vacating the property.

No animals are allowed to be kept on the property without the owner/s / agent(s) written permission. A Pet Application MUST be submitted with a Tenancy Application and be approved by the owner/agent.

Services to the property – Power; Gas and Telephone

As a tenant, unless you are told otherwise, you are responsible to pay for consumption component of all utilities along with any other optional services you choose to connect, for example telephone/internet/cable TV.

Prior to moving into the property, you will need to contact your Electricity Service Provider to notify them of your move in date and to open an account with them.

Water consumption accounts will remain in the owner/s name. You will be invoiced by us for water usage and all payments are to be made into Your PropertyCare Trust Account, the same way your rent payments are made.

When vacating, please remember to close all utilities accounts.


Insurance taken out by the property owner does not cover your personal belongings i.e. clothing, furnishings etc. It is your responsibility to take out your own contents insurance to ensure your belongings are insured from any unforeseen circumstances.

Please remember that should your belongings be damaged through fault within the building, your contents will not be covered by the building policy.

Routine Inspections

We will conduct routine inspections every 3-4 months during your tenancy. You will be given seven (7) days notice in writing to advise of the inspection date. Inspections are carried out between 9.00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

You are welcome to be present for this inspection, however, we will use office keys to gain access if required.

Vacating the property

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract that can only be ended in certain ways. Notice to end a tenancy must be in writing.

You must give the Notice of intention to leave (Form 13) to us when you want to vacate the property by a certain date. This form should be used:

  • To end a periodic agreement – 2 weeks’ notice
  • At the end of a fixed term agreement – 14 days’ notice
  • If you are breaking the lease – you must first seek approval from the owner and sign a ‘request for consent to terminate fixed term agreement’.

You can find out more about Vacating the property on the RTA website

You may find the RTA Pocket guide for tenants helpful – download here

If you are a current client of Your PropertyCare, please feel free to call us if you have any queries or if you would like any further clarification.